The Unhappily Ever Afters is a 54pp storybook for adults. The book subverts four traditional “and they all lived happily ever after” fairy tales into dark-humoured sequels. It is Jeremy Kyle meets Cinderella. It drags those fairy tale femmes into the real world. Many people have grown up hearing these stories, with false hope that someday they will be swooped off their feet by a Prince Charming, or hit the jackpot when they save a drop dead gorgeous damsel in distress and live happily ever after. When we grow older, we soon realise none of that is true. Well, now you can finally get a little satisfaction, in knowing things weren’t so peachy for the fairytale femmes.

This contemporary twist on classic tales is complimented by the mixed media collage style artwork. It is far from conventional, which is reflected in the story and the artwork. The book does bare some resemblance to its classic predecessors, but in a modern way. It features 21st century morals such as: Don’t rely solely your other half (Snow White), don’t accept drinks off of strangers (Sleeping Beauty), don’t talk to strangers (Little Red), There’s more to life than youth, looks and male gratification (Cinderella). It is a mash-up of popular culture and traditional storytelling.

Written & Illustrated by Lily Jones

© Lily Jones, 2014.